16th May 2011

Lion Nathan National Foods today announced its intention to change its company name, and those of its wholly-owned business units, to Lion.

While no formal business names will be used other than Lion, category and geography will be employed informally to distinguish between business units as required:

  • Beer, Spirits and Wines, Australia (formerly Lion Nathan Australia)
  • Beer, Spirits and Wines, New Zealand (formerly Lion Nathan New Zealand)
  • Dairy and Drinks (formerly National Foods)

Lion Chief Executive Officer Rob Murray said the change to the corporate brand is the next stage in the evolution of the company.

“We became Lion Nathan National Foods in October 2009 when Kirin Holdings purchased the remaining shares in Lion Nathan, and merged the company with its foods business, National Foods.”

“Since then we have come a long way in integrating our business, and our new name reflects our shared purpose and identity.”

The formal rollout will occur in August and continue through to November.

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