Northern Beaches brewery Modus Brewing has partnered with Youtube trio Trash Taste for the launch of its latest beer, Trash Taste Pale Ale.

Trash Taste Pale Ale is a premium 5.2 per cent ABV pale ale that is crisp, clean and refreshing with a note of citrus and low bitterness.

Crafted in partnership with Tokyo-based content creator group Trash Taste, which is made up of Joey Bizinger, Garnt Maneetapho and Connor Colquhoun, the new release invites fans to embark on a brewing journey that mirrors the group’s wide range of experience in the world of food, alcohol and gaming.

Best known for their video and podcast content about gaming and anime, Trash Taste are also passionate about beer, and the new beer aims to combine the two worlds.

The launch was celebrated at the start of the month when the Trash Taste boys headlined Dreamhack Melbourne, opening the festival with their Australian Tour Show and connecting with fans. The headline show saw Bizinger do a classic Aussie shoey with the Trash Taste Pale Ale in hand before the group sat down for a Q&A with fans where they showcased the beer.

Fans were later invited to a secret after party at Bartronica where they sampled the craft beer for the first time.

The beer was initially launched on a pre-order phase, and is now available for immediate shipping directly from Modus.

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