We love our craft beer.

Like, REALLY love it but we also really love helping businesses manage their inventory so when we uncovered an opportunity to combine the both, it seemed like a no-brainer.

After spending months talking to craft brewers, we noticed that they all had a similar problem – managing keg fleets and being confident that their crafted brews were looked after when they left the brewery and ultimately tasted as good as they were intended.

So like all good ideas, Kegit was created over a few pale ales and we’ve been busy ever since building tracking devices and management software to help brewers, manage their business more efficiently. It’s a job we take seriously (mixed with a bit of fun).

Kegit provides craft breweries with an automated logistics and tracking platform, to ensure they always know where the beer is and that it’s being stored in the perfect conditions.

We do this in a few ways:

  1. Our mobile app that updates brewers on the status and location of their kegs by simply scanning a barcode on the kegs.
  2. The flagship product, Kegit SmartTag, built using the latest IoT technology to track the temperature and location of kegs.  Brewers can now see in real time that their kegs and brews are being looked after. The SmartTag provides a solution for a problem that craft brewers regularly struggle with, ensuring that venues and distributors are looking after their full kegs.
  3. Lastly (and you’ll froth over this),  Kegit On Tap, a freight management platform for all craft breweries to enable booking and tracking of freight through a streamlined and automated system.  Launching soon, Kegit On Tap aims to reduce the hangover associated with logistics so that brewers can manage their business more efficiently and get back to their craft.

Our vision is that all craft brewers can make their mark in the industry and we’re the beer loving, tech savvy crew to make that happen – cheers to that!

Company Contact

Dan Farthing
Level 1, 63 Ridley Street Charlestown, NSW 2290
0408 353 355

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