Birbeck’s Brewing Company is set to release its first beer, Four Brothers, an Australian-style IPA.

Established by Jared Birbeck, an award-winning homebrewer, the company has taken on the challenge of releasing a commercial brew after Birbeck himself won Best Brewer of Show at the South Australian State Amateur Brewing Show in 2011 and 2012, and was the most successful brewer at the Australian National Amateur Beer and Wine Show in 2012.

An interpretation of the classic IPA style with an Australian twist, Four Brothers is designed to showcase the Australian Stella hop variety.

“Four Brothers is a taste of some of what I want to release with my beers. Hoppy, yet balanced, easy drinking and pairing beautifully with food,” Birbeck, says. “When it comes to beers, the best one are well-balanced and approachable and, in my opinion, Four Brothers achieves that.”

The name of the brew is a celebration of family history and references earlier generations of the Birbeck family, after their migration to Australia.

“The first generation of Birbecks born in the 1800’s in my line were four boys. It made sense to have the first generation of Birbeck’s beers to be named Four Brothers for those four boys,” Jared says. “Because, acknowledging the Birbeck name and my family history is important to me.”

The official release party will be held at the Wheatsheaf Hotel, Thebarton on 1 December, for invited guests.

Four Brothers will be available on tap and in the bottle at locations throughout Adelaide as well as being available for order online at

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