Sunshine Coast local Jack Brew has beaten more than 1000 applicants to the new position of Chief Beer Tasting Officer (CBTO) at Heads of Noosa.

In his new role, Brew will taste test Heads of Noosa’s limited-edition beers and decide if it meets the brewery’s standards. He will earn $250 an hour for his efforts, along with employee benefits of a full uniform, free lunch on workdays, and two cases of each Heads of Noosa limited edition release.

Heads of Noosa advertised the role in November last year, and Lance Masterton, Co-Founder and Head Brewer, was surprised by the volume of applications.

“We usually get a handful of applications when we’re hiring for a new role, so this completely blew us out of the water,” he said.

Despite his name, Brew is not a professional beer taster, working as an operator for a global dredging company when he is not tasting beer. He lives just south of Noosa with his wife and two young kids and is looking forward to the new role.

“I have been a huge fan of Heads of Noosa since the very beginning. My dad and I already spend a fair bit time at the Taproom sharing a lager so being paid to be part of the team is a dream come true,” Brew said.

Brew will begin his new role in late March when Heads of Noosa’s first limited-edition beer is ready for sampling.

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