Craft Cartel Liquor has launched Brewery Direct as a platform that will allow consumers to purchase beers directly from breweries nationwide.

Brewery Direct has launched with six partner breweries, including Akasha, Bright Brewery, Sauce Brewing Co, Black Flag Brewing, Two Mates Brewing Co, and Moffat Beach Brewing Co.

Ben Malouf, Founder of Craft Cartel Liquor, said that Brewery Direct will make craft beer more accessible and affordable for consumers while also supporting Australia’s independent breweries.

“It has been a rough ride for craft breweries over the past 12-18 months. Sadly, we have seen too many businesses enter administration. This concept allows us to support them by bringing our customers to them. We have 100,000 active beer drinkers across Australia who love the industry and great product. We couldn’t be happier to be promoting great Aussie craft breweries,” he says.

Craft Cartel Liquor has bold ambitions to expand the Brewery Direct roster, with aspirations to feature 350 breweries by the end of the year.

“We are always looking for more partners and welcome customer feedback on who they’d like to see ranged,” says Malouf.

Malouf explains that Brewery Direct is about more than selling beer and will also be a platform to help drive drinkers back to partner brewery taphouses.

“We understand that our customers don’t just drink beer from Craft Cartel. They want to get out and about. We try to encourage them to visit their local craft brewery whenever possible. We are keen to hear what breweries have coming up so we can work together to keep the punters drinking great craft beer.”

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