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Hoppy as Funk!

Behemoth Brewing (NZ) head brewer Andrew Childs has given us his recipe for Hoppy as Funk! – his take on a classic Belgian Saison. It’s big, dry and with Belgian esters along with big pineapple, pine, citrus and dankness. The mix of the yeast and the hops makes this a flavourful and delicious blend of […]

Coopers Vintage Sydney, Manly at the Steyne

Coopers Extra Strong Vintage Ale 2014

Coopers Extra Strong Vintage Ale has been a favourite seasonal amongst beer enthusiasts for more than 15 years. It is a beer that changes each year but remains true to its style as a strong ale. Paul ‘PB2’ Burge provides us with a recipe for this year’s vintage. Coopers drinkers were introduced to the Strong […]


Homebrewer recipe correction

To all of our Homebrewer readers, we’d like to point out that a correction needs to be made to our Saint Berbeck’s 2013 Beer & Brewer Conference Beer recipe. Under the ingredients list, the quantity of BB Ale (3.0 SRM) should read 5.85kg, not 15.85kg. Apologies for any inconvenience caused – and if you’re planning […]


Homebrewer recipe gams bart roggenbier

Gams-Bart Roggenbier – All-Grain Recipe by Kip Barnes of LA Aleworks There’s a resurgence of rye beers at the moment, especially among the homebrew afficianados who are looking to extend their repertoire. Try this rye from kip Barnes at LA Aleworks – just the thing for anyone looking for something new to tackle this summer. […]