Adam Trippe-Smith


Kegstar has announced that global supply-chain logistics company, Brambles, has moved from 30 to 100 per cent ownership of Kegstar Holdings Pty Limited after acquiring the shareholdings associated with founder and managing director Adam Trippe-Smith and co-shareholder Shane Bradley.

As a result, Kegstar will accelerate its plans to expand into new territories beyond Australia and New Zealand.

Under Brambles’ ownership, Kegstar will continue to operate as a stand-alone business, with Trippe-Smith retaining his position as managing director and the entire Kegstar team also remaining in place.

The first stage of Kegstar’s global expansion will be the establishment of its European operations. Kegstar will launch a specialist keg pooling business in the UK in February 2016 and then expand operations into mainland Europe.

Building on success in Australia and New Zealand, the European business will also feature Kegstar’s innovative keg-tracking platform and the unique pay-per-fill offering, whereby Kegstar collects the empty kegs from the licensed venue.

The addition of Kegstar operations in Europe also opens up the opportunity for customers in Australia and New Zealand to export their beer to the UK in Kegstar kegs and UK brewers to export their beer to Australia and New Zealand in Kegstar kegs.

“I am excited and proud that Brambles has recognised the unique business that my team has created over an extraordinarily short period of time. We now look forward to tapping into the global asset pooling knowledge and network of the entire Brambles group to take Kegstar to the next level. It’s now game on!” said Trippe-Smith.

Kegstar first launched in December 2012 with 880 kegs, one person and one customer. Brambles acquired a 30 per cent stake in March 2014 and since then Kegstar has grown its keg pool from 15,000 to now in excess of 50,000 stainless steel kegs across three countries (Australia, New Zealand and the UK). The company now employs 13 people and has annualised sales revenue of approximately $3 million.

“When Brambles first invested in Kegstar in March 2014, we saw it as an exciting and innovative business with a great team that was gaining traction in the fast-growing craft beer and cider market. We didn’t have a presence in keg pooling, but definitely identified the potential to add value, not just through financial investment, but also with Brambles’ supply-chain expertise and global network,” said Brambles CFO Zlatko Todorcevski.

“Having seen what the Kegstar team has achieved since then, it was an easy decision to take the step of acquiring the company. Brambles will fully support Adam and his team as they take Kegstar forward.”

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