The beer slushy at Harajuku Gyoza

The Beer Pilgrim reports from Queensland on one of the ‘coolest’ things in beer.

It’s one of the most bizarre things I have come across in the beer world so far and there’s no surprise it’s the Japanese who have shown me, it is Australia’s first ‘Beer Slushy’!

A quirky initiative by Kirin, the beer slushy is essentially a glass of cold beer topped with a frozen ‘soft-serve’-looking swirl of frozen beer!

I caught wind of this incredible invention and went off on my pilgrimage to track one down. The frozen-beer trail ended at a great little Japanese restaurant in Brisbane’s Fortitude Valley called ‘Harajuku Gyoza’.

And though people have been getting beer-slushy ‘brain-freezes’ in Japan for years, this is apparently the first of its kind Down Under and the only place in Australia where you can order a beer slushy to accompany your gyoza!

But why?? I mean it’s fun and cool… wait, that is why. But that’s not the only reason. I was told by local bartender that Japanese love their beer, however they do like to drink it slowly and what better way to keep your precious brew ice cold while you chat away about the latest Anime releases or the most ‘Kawaii’ J-Pop groups than to slap a thick layer of frozen beer on top!

And with our scorching summers here is Australia maybe one day we will see tradies in pubs all over Australia sitting back with their ‘kawaii’ beer-slushies??


The Beer Pilgrim

Check out the beer slushy in action below.

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