The release from the ATO reads:

“Microbreweries excise refund scheme extended From 1 July 2012, eligible breweries are able to receive an excise refund of 60 per cent of excise paid, up to a maximum amount of $30,000 per financial year.

As part of the 2012-13 Federal Budget, the Government extended the current microbreweries excise refund scheme by increasing the maximum refund amount from $10,000 to $30,000 and removing the current production eligibility threshold of 30,000 litres of beer.
To be eligible for the excise refund scheme, breweries must:
– be operated by an entity that is legally and economically independent of any other entity that operates a brewery; and
– sell beer (whether wholesale or retail), on which excise has been paid, directly from the manufacturing premises of the brewery.

To apply for an excise refund, you need to complete an Excise refund form which is available from the ATO’s website. Go to and search for “NAT 4288”.

For more information about brewery excise refunds, refer to ‘Excise and beer manufacture’, available at”

Both ARCBA and CBIA have released statements thanking those in government for their assistance on getting the changes passed for the good of the industry.

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