One of the world’s leading marketing data and analytics businesses, Kantar, has published its Top 100 Most Valuable Global Brands report, including its Top 10 Most Valuable Global Beer Brands with AB InBev owning eight of the top 10 brands.

Corona has been named as the Most Valuable Global Beer Brand, other AB InBev brands in the Top 10 include Budweiser, the second most valuable beer brand in the world, Modelo at #4, Brahma at #5, Michelob Ultra at #6, Bud Light at #7, Skol at #8 and Stella Artois at #10. The Top 10 was rounded out with Heineken at #3 and Guinness at #9.

“Valued at more than US$19bn, Corona has become the most valuable global beer brand due to consistent acceleration of growth globally and specifically tapping into growing markets, like Brazil, China, South Africa while maintaining its stronghold in Mexico,” said Kantar CEO Chris Jansen. “Our congratulations go to the Corona team for a standout year.”

Marcel Marcondes, AB InBev’s Global Chief Marketing Officer, added: “Corona’s strength lies in how it combines emotional and functional points of difference in a unique and consistent way.

“In everything that Corona does the brand evokes that emotional moment of having a break from the routine to reconnect with nature and oneself. On the functional side, consumers know that Corona is brewed with 100 per cent natural ingredients, they love the unique, refreshing experience of the lime ritual and they appreciate that Corona is one of the first global beverage brands with a net zero plastic footprint.

“All these elements are why Corona is recognised as a truly premium, iconic brand anywhere in the world.”

Speaking about AB InBev’s focus on its global brands, Marcondes said: “Growing our megabrands is a key part of our business strategy to lead and grow the category.

“Our focus is on delivering against the needs of our consumers in a way that gives them what they seek, but also in a way that earns their love.”

Published annually, the Kantar BrandZ Most Valuable Global Brands Report ranks the world’s top brands, the sector leaders, big movers and brands to watch.

To be eligible for the global ranking, brands must be owned by a company listed on a stock exchange, or by a private company with its financials available in the public domain. Kantar BrandZ’s brand valuation methodologies combine financial analysis with extensive measures of brand equity.

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