Grain and Grape’s owner John Preston manning the phones during Melbourne’s lockdown

The winner of the 2020 Beer & Brewer Awards Best Home Brew Shop is Grain and Grape.

These awards feature in the Summer 2020/21 edition of Beer & Brewer. Head here to discover all of our great subscription offers.

For the fourth year running Yarraville’s Grain and Grape takes out this award. For many of our judges the answer why is simple: “they’re the best, that’s why!”.

“Our tag line is ‘helping people make better beer’. We just always try to think of what will help brewers, winemakers and other food hobbyists and act on it in a friendly, relaxed and mildly humorous manner. We also can’t help ourselves being genuinely excited about our customers’ projects and helping to bring them to fruition,” owner John Preston said.

“My staff are all passionate brewers and have lots of other home food and drink craft interests such as cheese and bread making, winemaking and distilling. There’s a constant conversation going on about what is happening and what is new and what is worth (and not worth) trying. This includes our customers who we are talking to constantly. It feeds into the information we provide and the products we sell.”

In an odd year, where hobbies old and new were taken to with gusto as people sought to occupy their time in lockdown, home brewing went through a renaissance of sorts.

“I think all home brewing businesses will be thankful that our craft has stood up better than most. People have needed a hobby for their downtime and we have the perfect combination of quality, craft and activity.

“The highlight has been seeing new people coming to the hobby and brewers we haven’t seen for years returning to it.”

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