Brewery participation at Beervana 2016 is up more than 50 per cent from last year


Tickets are now on sale for annual New Zealand beer festival, Beervana, which will return to Wellington at full capacity.

From 12-13 August more than 48 Kiwi breweries, two Australian breweries and approximately 10 additional breweries will be represented with beers at shared bars, making it the biggest Beervana in the event’s 15-year history.

Total participation is up more than 50 per cent from last year, with 40 per cent of breweries participating for the first time.

Beervana event manager Beth Brash says the increase in breweries taking part in this year’s event is reflective of the booming local craft beer sector.

“Craft beer has ceased to be a niche product and has now hit the mainstream. Beervana is really important for small to mid-sized breweries as it enables them to showcase their beers on an even playing field with some of the bigger players.

“It’s not just the brews on tap, it’s the brewers too, meaning punters can chat with them about everything and anything to do with beer. It’s a brilliant event for serious beer fans and those beer curious folk who simply enjoy a hoppy drop,” Brash explained.

“This year we’ll be serving up around 300 different beers from New Zealand and around the world, as well as a bar dedicated to our sister-city-in-beer, Portland, and bars in worship of sour beer and IPA. Plus there’s seminars, free guided tours, the Black Rock NZ Hottest Home Brewer competition and the best beer matched bites you can wrap your chops around.”

Liquor King marketing manager Susan Mudie said the company’s sponsorship of Beervana this year is in response to Kiwis’ changing appetite for beer.

“Over the last 12 months our craft beer sales value has increased by 141 per cent. The range of craft beer brands we offer has increased 30 per cent year-on-year for the past two years, to 42 brands currently. Kiwis are going crazy for craft beer,” she said.


When: 12-13 August, 2016

Where: Westpac Stadium, Wellington.

Price: Tickets $45 from Ticketek

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