The heart of Swan Valley, Western Australia, is where you can find Bailey Brewing Co. It’s a family business of a father and two sons, who candidly confess, “Truth is, we just like beer.” This honesty sets the tone for a brewing journey that’s as genuine as the laughter shared over a cold one.

For the Baileys, the idea of a brewery had been fermenting for years, driven by a passion for creating a place that embodies everything they love about beer. The dream? A classic Aussie backyard with a spacious shed dedicated to brewing easy-drinking craft beers – a place where the process is uncomplicated, and the joy of making, drinking, and sharing beer takes centre stage.

Dan and Steve Bailey, the directors of Bailey Brewing Co., have been dedicated to turning their vision into a reality. Their focus? Crafting easy-drinking craft beers on-site, utilising local ingredients whenever possible to infuse the core range with that distinctive Bailey Brewing Co. taste. The brothers bring a genuine love for beer to the forefront, creating an atmosphere that resonates with fellow beer enthusiasts.

Did they realise when they started planning the brewery how well it would resonate with locals? They were pretty confident, Steve Bailey explains. “We put a lot of thought into the venue to try and make it a place that we ourselves would want to go to, and keep going to,” he says.

Live sport is just one element of the experience; this venue is designed to be family-friendly, with thoughtful amenities such as a dedicated baby change room, addressing the hassle parents often face in public spaces. Additionally, the inclusion of a playground adds an extra dimension, creating a welcoming environment that truly brings people together.

This has been a key part of getting customers to return again and again. “People know the kids will have fun and leave you alone while you sit back enjoy some awesome food, nice easy beers and watch some live sport or music depending on what you’re feeling,” Steve says.

The other key member of the Bailey Brewing Co. team is Head Brewer Damien Bussemaker, a seasoned local brewer with over a decade of experience. Damien, or “Damo” as he’s affectionately known, traces his brewing roots back to the beginning of the WA craft beer movement. With a career that includes stints at Elmar’s in the Valley, Mash, and later as Head Brewer at Ogdens in South Perth, Damo brings a wealth of knowledge and passion to the Bailey Brewing Co. family.

Bailey Brewing Co. is more than just a family business; it’s a testament to the simple pleasures of life—good beer, good company, and the joy of sharing both.

“It’s pretty simple really,” Steve adds, explaining Bailey Brewing’s philosophy. “It’s simple, seasonable beer, simple food offerings everyone can understand, and great service.”

As they continue to brew easy-drinking craft beers, the Baileys and Damo invite you to join them on a journey fuelled by passion and a commitment to crafting beers that capture the essence of the Australian backyard spirit. So, whether you’re a seasoned craft beer enthusiast or just looking for a refreshing sip of authenticity, Bailey Brewing Co. is brewing up something special just for you.