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Win 1 of 3 Eclipse® mixed packs of craft beers

To celebrate this week’s launch of Hop Products Australia’s (HPA) latest proprietary variety Eclipse® we’ve got three of their mixed packs of 12 beers that showcase the new fruit-forward flavour hop to giveaway.

To enter, email us here and include the name of the beer you consider to be the best release that has used Eclipse® (formerly known as HPA-016) and why. In the email also include your full name, Australia-only delivery address and mobile number so if you win we can get the pack to you as soon as possible.

Entries close 9am AEDT Wednesday 18 November and winners will be notified soon after.

The Eclipse® Mixed Pack of 12, that is available now for purchase via online craft beer retailer Beer Cartel, features:

Mountain Culture High Tides NEIPA | 355ml | ABV 6.6%
A juice bomb NEIPA with rising waves of summer fruit.

Deeds And Everything Under The Sun Is In Tune Single Hop NEIPA | 440ml | ABV 6.5%
A NEIPA that explodes with mandarin and stone fruit across the palate.

Blasta Hop Hype Eclipse Pilsner | 375ml | ABV 5.1%
A hoppy pilsner brewed in Burswood.

Bridge Road Crimson Crescent Hoppy Red Ale | 375ml | ABV 4.7%
An Australian style hoppy red ale with a heavy hop dosage that is balanced by a lush malt bill for a complex and gratifying finish.

Hop Nation Ground Control West Coast IPA | 375mll | ABV 7%
A hop-driven West Coast IPA stacked with mandarin, stone-fruit and pine.

Batch HPA-016 Single Hop IPA | 375ml | ABV 6.3%
A single hop IPA packed full of tangerine and pineapple aromas, with a distinct pine finish.

Moo Brew Bridgewater Blackout Dark Ale | 375ml | ABV 5.5%
A dark ale brewed with Eclipse® hops in the back streets of Bridgewater.

Mr Banks Turn Around, Bright Eyes Oat Cream IIPA | 355ml | ABV 7.2%
A single hop double Oat Cream IIPA that should be enjoyed responsibly.

Newstead Luna Belgian Wit | 375ml | ABV 4.8%
A Belgian Wit with a tart, malty body that sets the canvas for orange zest and delicate yeast esters accentuated by activated cilantro seeds and orange peel.

New England Don’t Stare India Saison | 375ml | ABV 7.2%
A bone dry India Saison hopped like a hazy with big blood orange and mandarin flavours.

Sunday Road Lunar Eclipse Single Hop Dark Lager | 375ml | ABV 5%
A hoppy dark lager with an even bitterness and mandarin, citrus peel aroma.

Two Birds Total Eclipse Of The Hop XPA | 375ml | ABV 5.5%
An XPA that will stick to your taste buds as much as Bonnie’s 80’s hit.

Beer & Brewer thanks HPA and Beer Cartel for making this competition possible.

Head to HPA’s website to discover more about Eclipse®.