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A Lust for seltzers continues

Another name has been added to the list of locally produced hard seltzers as Sydney start-up Lust Liquor launched one this week.

Following the likes of Stone & Wood’s new release last month, Carlton & United’s earlier this year, plus numerous others in 2020, Australian brands have been steadily encroaching into a drinks category that already booms in other countries, predominantly the US.

Lust’s Lime & Soda Seltzer (ABV: 4.2%) is the latest release in the Northern Beaches brewery’s ‘better for you’ alcoholic RTD range that already includes vodka, lemon, lime and bitters, and vodka and raspberry in bottles. The seltzer contains zero sugar, 88 calories and 1g of carbohydrates.

Lust was created in 2018 by Marc Lindberg and Nick Rowell.

“Our seltzer has been carefully crafted through the fermentation of malt and sugar. Thanks to a naturally refreshing lime flavour, this beverage has a zesty citrus pop,” said Rowell.

“It was a no-brainer choosing a seltzer to be the next product to expand our business. It allows us to position our brand in the craft brewing industry while still providing a healthier alternative to calorie-heavy RTDs.”

Lust’s seltzer is available now in selected independent bottle shops across Australia as well as selected Dan Murphy’s and BWS stores in Queensland and NSW.

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