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Jedi brewers Holgate are back with 2020 version

In time for the unofficial Star Wars holiday on May 4th, Victoria’s Holgate Brewhouse have released their 2020 version of an old favourite.

The 2020 Millennium Falcon “Emperial” IPA comes in a 500ml can for the first time and has been tweaked compared to its predecessors.

This year the brewers decided to shave a little off the ABV (now 9%) plus introduced a new blend of hops (Mosaic, Azacca, Cashmere and Calypso).

Senior brewer Matt Ives said: “The beer was first brewed back in 2013. There were a few nerds around at the time, including Paul Holgate himself – a big fan of the franchise.

“It’s a once a year release for May the 4th and over the years there have been different iterations but true to style it’s been a big, very dry, very lean West Coast IPA.”

Holgate have also released their Apple Berry Beer which is freshly crushed using Harcourt Pink Lady and Granny Smith apples from a farm up the road, plus a touch of raspberry.

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