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The crazy English brewing lads that brought you that road kill beer have decided to give their loyal drinkers the chance to choose the name of their next brew.

Sitting on the opposite end of the spectrum to their extreme ABV experiments, their new 3.8% Pale ale has been designed for the English summer (read: cold and damp with a slightly higher chance than usual of sunlight) with “a solid malt base, moderate bitterness and masses of late hops and dry hops, specifically Citra, Simcoe and HBC”.

Unfortunately in between building new breweries and planning their “rock ‘n roll” AGM the lads haven’t had time to decide on a name. So they have left it to the people who will be drinking it.

Voters simply have to pick from a list of names that includes such gems as

“Brit Pop – the little offspring of Hardcore and Punk. A pale ale for Common people who live in country houses” and “Death Head Pony Club”, the latter coming with no explanation other than that they liked it. Perhaps they were inspired by our own Banjo Patterson’s tale of a deadly vicious polo match?

Nevertheless it is an interesting experiment from a very innovative brewery. Get in on the action and vote here.